Times-7 Sport: Sports Timing Solutions

Times-7 Sport is setting the pace with next generation timing solutions.

Our team has many years of sports management experience and can design complete sports timing solutions tailored to your event or club.

We have brought together the most advanced sports information systems and technology available to enable us to offer solutions to a broad range of sporting codes.

WheelTime is a breakthrough in electronic timing. It makes timing bike races easy, providing reliable and accurate results down to split-second placing. And it's affordable for clubs, schools and event timers.

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Going Global with the USA Cycling Masters Road National Championships

Gavin Chaplow and Michael Lynch timing for Times-7 Sport

Times-7 Sport teamed with adScope Media to deliver results, personalized videos, live on-course footage and a real-time scoreboard as the 2011 National Champions were crowned in Time Trials, Criteriums and Road Races. Check out some of the highlights by clicking on the links below:

Time Trial                    Criterium                    Road Race

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WheelTag Fitting Instructions

Times-7 T-7 WheelTag

Attaching the WheelTag to your bike correctly is crucial in guaranteeing accurate recording of your times. Follow these instructions to ensure you are set up for success.

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